Track, Manage & Support Non-Hofy Devices with Hofy

We are a one-stop equipment solution. We offer all the IT services you need to manage your rented Hofy devices end-to-end. But we also appreciate that you may have provided team members with devices before we started working together.

We are not here to undo your existing efforts; only supplement them. That’s why we offer a service for non-Hofy devices - so you can track all your devices in the field through one system, and ensure all your team members receive the same service and support.

Here are the key features:

🔧 Repairs and loaner laptops 🔧

Hofy will facilitate hardware repairs for all your devices and provide loaner laptops for the repair period so your teams can continue working as normal. 

📍 Point-to-point redistribution 📍

If a team member is being offboarded or wants to return equipment, Hofy can directly redistribute their equipment to another team member in the same customs area.

🗺️ Asset tracking 🗺️

Add all of your non-Hofy devices to the Hofy platform to benefit from a centralised view of all your devices globally.

🗣️ IT and customer support 🗣️

If you add your team members to the Hofy platform to log their non-Hofy devices, they will be able to contact our IT and Customer Support teams for real-time hardware support.

Handle all your devices in one place with Hofy

Ensure every team member receives the same device support, no matter where they work or what device they are using, when you enrol your non-Hofy devices into our Device Handling Service.