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Is your business remote working compliant?

(There’s a worry-free way to be sure.)

Are you meeting all your remote working compliance obligations? Every single one? Most companies are trying their very best but, often, there are important obligations you may not even be aware of.

From health and safety to tax and everything in between, remote working compliance is complicated. Minimising risk is difficult, with high costs and even higher demands on your teams’ time.

Here’s why compliance matters, plus a worry-free way to take care of it in one swoop.

Compliance is complicated. And crucial.

It may be tempting to do nothing or just throw money at the problem but the larger your organisation, the greater the chances of something going wrong. Safeguarding your compliance is the right thing to do. And, as is so often the case, it pays to do the right thing.

When remote working ceases to be temporary and becomes a regular aspect of all our working lives, compliance becomes a necessity.

While the compliance ‘knowns’ are enough to keep you up at night, the ‘unknowns’ are even more scary. And the tough truth is, if you’re not 100% complaint, you’re not compliant. The legal and insurance risks are real.

Here are some questions to think about:

Are you leaving your employees to select their own equipment, or are you providing it?
Are they selecting equipment that’s health and safety compliant?
Is all the equipment you’re providing health and safety compliant?
Did you know that most UK office chairs don’t meet fire regulations?
Are your employees assembling equipment themselves, risking injury?
Are they able to set themselves up ergonomically, to ensure their long term health?
Do you offer DSE assessments?
Is your DSE assessment specifically designed for working in domestic environments?
Do your employees have access to an ergonomist to help them set themselves up properly?
Is all electrical equipment in your teams’ home offices regularly PAT tested?
Is your home office equipment rented or purchased?
Do you understand the relationship between home offices and tax?
Are you on top of your home office tax reporting?
Are your leavers needing to pay an unexpected ‘gift’ tax on any equipment they keep?
Does your Employee Liability insurance cover your teams when working from home?

Take care of your people. Manage your risk.

If you’re standing up an internal team to mastermind remote working, including compliance, it’s important they have a deep understanding of your business’s obligations and how to meet them.

That’s crucial to keeping your people safe and well, staying on the right side of the law, ensuring your insurance cover remains valid, and getting your accounting right.

When you dig deeper, compliance intersects all sorts of business functions – from HR & People Ops, to IT & Facilities, Legal, and Finance. You’ll need to find a way to educate, align and motivate all these functions to get compliant – fast.

Or, let Hofy take care of it all.

We saw there was a need for one forward-thinking, experience-driven, multi-talented company to take care of every aspect of making remote working work for businesses, at scale. Including compliance.  

So we designed Hofy’s out-of-the-box home offices to solve your biggest home working challenges. As well as ensuring your remote working offers business efficiency and brilliant employee experiences, we take care of every aspect of remote working compliance, from health and safety to tax. We mastermind every detail, allowing businesses like yours to have the confidence they’re meeting their obligations.

Here’s a glimpse at how we do it:

  • All our equipment is compliant and ergonomic, for safety and productivity
  • We work with manufacturers to use special fabrics and foams that meet domestic fire regulations
  • With Hofy, your people only choose from compliant products you’ve pre-approved
  • Everything’s delivered, assembled, repaired and recovered by trained, insured experts
  • We ensure safe setup, with virtual DSE assessments specific to home offices
  • Our DSE assessments identify employees who need extra support
  • If your employee needs extra help, they’ll receive a consultation with an expert ergonomist
  • We replace electrical equipment every 4 years to remove the need for PAT testing
  • We recover items when an employee leaves, removing the need for complex tax reporting
  • You pay a simple subscription and all equipment is rented, taking tax reporting out of the equation
  • And much more

Sounds complicated, right? The good news is we exist to take away the worry. Hofy brings your teams out-of-the-box, fully managed, compliant home offices, taking care of every step – from selection and delivery to repairs and recovery. Work with us, and compliance is taken care of.

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We do it all, so that you can focus on what you do best.