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Equip your next hire in
seconds, not hours

Reduce your equipment provisioning process to seconds with Hofy's automated management flow and employee self-serve platform.

Take back your time

Swap the supplier wrangling, never-ending email threads and overpopulated spreadsheets for Hofy's automated onboarding solution.

Custom policies for custom teams

Design a custom equipment policy for each team and seniority level. Assign employees to one or multiple teams.

Your money, your way

Never overspend on equipment again. Set team budgets once and never again. Audit out-of-budget requests in 1 click.

Streamlined approvals

You dictate the audit process. Approve equipment requests with 1 click, or opt to auto-approve every in-budget request.

Product Director at TrueLayer

My new desk chair arrived so fast. Compared to my kitchen chair, the difference is night and day - I can already feel my posture improving. And it looks super stylish.

Control for you, choice for your teams

You set the terms. Then hand over the reins. Let your teams choose what goes into their homes via Hofy's employee self-serve platform.

Something for every home

Choice by design. Let employees choose from 1,000s of styles and colours to find what’s right for them.

Your teams, always performing

Stuff breaks. All the time. Don't let your productivity suffer. Fix issues fast with 1-click issue reporting and live-chat support.

Consistent international offering

One company, one dashboard. Deliver the same onboarding experience wherever you hire, all through Hofy.

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