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How’s your remote working employee experience?

(Soon, it’ll need to be brilliant)

Are you giving your employees a brilliant remote working experience? Right now, very few businesses are. And that’s understandable. For many businesses, making sure their remote working is efficient and compliant is already plenty to handle.

Soon, though, creating and safeguarding a brilliant remote working experience will be a requirement for businesses that want to stay ahead.

Here’s the new standard employees will be demanding from their employers and how you can deliver it. Effortlessly.

Employee experience counts. Everywhere.

Successful businesses get how much employee experience matters. It’s vital for attracting and retaining the best talent and ensuring they’re happy and productive at work.

Working from home comes with lots of immediate benefits for your people – like gaining back commuting time; having more time to be with friends and family, exercise and make healthy food; and a stronger connection to their home, local area and community.

But now that your people are often ‘at work’ in their own homes, creating a brilliant employee experience has also become more complicated. Perhaps more complicated than you’d think.

Here are some questions to think about:

Do your employees have a healthy and productive home working setup?
Are you delivering a great remote onboarding experience for new starters?
Are you leaving your employees to arrange their own home office?
Are your people buying suitable equipment that’s high quality and ergonomic?
Are they paying for items out of their own pocket, upfront?
Are they paying unnecessary tax on their equipment and home working expenses such as electricity, heating and internet?
If you’re supplying the equipment, do they have the freedom to choose?
Are your people wasting working hours sorting their home offices?
Is their internet connectivity up to scratch?
Can their colleagues see and hear them clearly on video calls?
Do they have everything they need to work happily and productively?
Are you surprising and delighting them with treats, like at the office?
Are they feeling taken care of?
Are they feeling valued?
Are they feeling included?

It’s time for employers to step up.

In the near future, employees will expect the opportunity to work from home. And they’ll expect their employer to not only allow remote working but also facilitate it, while creating great experiences. 

Businesses will need to supply, check, repair and recover equipment. At the office, you likely offer coffee, snacks and other treats, so why shouldn’t these pick-me-up perks be available to your people in their home offices?

You could sort all this internally, by standing up a new kind of team – an HR Ops, IT and Facilities hybrid that masterminds the cost, logistics, compliance and experience of remote working for your entire workforce.

Or, let Hofy deliver it all.

We exist to make remote working work for businesses like yours, all while creating brilliant experiences. We bring your people fully managed, out-of-the-box, compliant home offices. And by doing that, we bring your organisation up to the new market-leading standard, helping you attract and retain the best talent.

We make delivering a brilliant employee experience effortless.

Here’s a glimpse at how we do it:

  • With Hofy, your people can choose from products you’ve pre-selected – from sizes to colours, they can pick items they’re happy to welcome into their home
  • Everything’s delivered, repaired and recovered by trained experts
  • All our equipment is compliant and ergonomic, for safety and productivity
  • Connectivity packs ensure fast internet
  • Video calls are optimised for great communication, with high resolution webcams, mics and lighting
  • We send your people on-demand rewards and treats, like coffee, brownies and flowers
  • New starters get swag packs to give them a warm welcome to your business
  • And much more

There’s more, too, and more coming soon. But when you work with us, you can simply pick the services and products you want and need.

Try Hofy for free today

Hofy is the fastest, easiest and most compliant way to answer all your business’ remote working needs.

We do it all, so that you can focus on what you do best.