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Handy answers to common questions.


How does Hofy work?

Hofy has built the technology and logistics and supplier network to allow you to supply, manage and maintain subscription home office equipment for your remote teams globally, while remaining compliant with health and safety, tax and InfoSec regulations.

Hofy's platform combines all the tools you need - from asset tracking and mobile device management, to a fully-fledged Webstore - to set your new hires up for productive work at home, and manage the equipment lifecycle thereafter.

Hofy handles the logistics on your behalf: delivery, repairs, replacements, collections etc.

What products do you offer?

IT equipment, peripherals, office furniture and accessories. The Hofy Webstore is stocked with laptops, mobile phones, monitors, ergonomic chairs, desks, keyboards, headsets, and mice among other equipment. Accessories include desk lamps, standing mats, screen mounts, and desk risers.

For more information on our products, see IT equipment and furniture.

Is there a minimum order size?

No. Hofy allows you to order equipment as and when it’s required by your team and still access great prices. For example, when team members join your organisation, or require replacement or upgraded home office equipment.


How does Hofy help companies stay health and safety (H&S) compliant?

Every jurisdiction prescribes minimum safety standards for equipment used for work. Hofy checks all equipment against local H&S legislation before delivering to ensure the equipment your teams use meets the minimum standards where they’re based.

In some jurisdictions, employers are liable for any injuries employees sustain during, or due to, improper equipment set-up. We offer a professional assembly service to mitigate the risk of employees injuring themselves.

You are also required to assess employees workstations to ensure they can work safely and comfortable at home. We offer H&S workstation assessments in-platform, which meet or exceed UK and EU Directive requirements (e.g. use of Display Screen Equipment).

Are your products compliant with fire safety regulations for domestic use?

Yes, including countries like the UK, which has particularly stringent fire safety requirements for home use (BS5852 Crib5).

We only work with furniture manufacturers that use foams and fabrics that meet these requirements.

Do you offer health and safety (H&S) workstation assessments?

Yes. We offer workstation assessments that meet or exceed UK and EU Directive requirements, including requirements for work with Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

For more information on Hofy's DSE assessment, see DSE and ergonomics.

How does Hofy help with tax compliance?

Renting equipment through Hofy avoids the tax implications of gifting equipment to employees. 

 That’s because, if you gift equipment - either upon purchase or when an employee leaves your organisation - you may need to report it on the employee’s payroll and tax return that a gift of a certain value was given to the employee. Your employee may then face income tax and national insurance charges on the value of the equipment.

If you rent, Hofy owns the equipment for the duration of the rental and collects the equipment at the end of the contract. No payroll reporting duties. No tax risk.

Renting and purchasing

What are the advantages of renting equipment for remote workers, instead of purchasing?

Renting avoids the financial administration and risk that comes with purchasing equipment outright.

If you purchase equipment for remote workers, you first need to decide whether your business will own it, or whether it will be gifted to the employee. 

If you (the business) owns the equipment, you are responsible for tracking it on financial statements, maintaining and insuring it. You may also be liable for any accidents arising from the assembly or use of the equipment. 

If you gift the equipment to your employee, the tax authority may treat it as a cash gift to the employee. So you may need to track it on your payroll reporting, and there may be tax or national insurance charges on the equipment. 

Rental avoids all of these issues. Rental of equipment used exclusively for work can be treated as a business expense. You don’t have to report it in your financial statements, or in the employee's payroll. Hofy owns the equipment for the duration of the rental, so we're responsible for maintaining the equipment. This is why we offer a 10-business-day onsite repair or replacement promise.

Do I have the option to purchase equipment to keep too?

Yes. You can purchase equipment that you have rented from Hofy at any time, subject to a small purchase fee (£1). Devices (laptops, tablets and mobile phones) are subject to higher purchase fees.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products you have rented, please get in touch.

What is the minimum rental term?

The minimum contract length is 6 months.

You can set your rental term to between 6 and 36 months.

When does my rental term start?

Rental terms start the day your equipment is delivered.

What happens at the end of my rental term?

You have four options at the end of your minimum rental term: 

  • Extend your current plan for an additional year;
  • Upgrade your equipment;
  • Purchase any products you wish to keep (fees apply);
  • Terminate your contract (Hofy will collect your equipment free-of-charge).

If your contract is nearing its end and you would like to discuss your options, please get in touch.

What if a team member leaves before the end of the minimum contract term?

In the unfortunate event that a team member leaves before the end of the minimum rental term, you have two options:

  • Cancel your subscription (and receive a discount on the remaining balance);
  • Redistribute their equipment directly to another team member.

If you would like to discuss your options, please get in touch.

Do I need to pay anything upfront?

Yes. You are required to pay 6 months upfront on 6 and 12 month contracts, and 12 months upfront on 24 and 36 month contracts. You’ll then pay nothing until month 7, or month 13 respectively.


How soon will my products arrive?

We stock most of the products in our catalogue. We commit to delivering orders within 10 working days; though in practice, over 96% of orders are delivered within 5 working days. 

Which regions do you cover?

We are a global service. We offer all of our services in our core geographies (the UK, US and EU27), and the majority of our services worldwide.

If you would like to learn more about our core and regional offerings, please get in touch.

What type of business is Hofy for?

Do you work with large companies?

Yes. Hofy specialises in helping large organisations manage their remote workplaces, wherever they hire. 

Hofy has an extensive supplier and logistics network, which means we can deploy 100s of home offices per day to assist large and rapidly growing companies. 

We also work with small to medium-sized businesses.

What if team members only work 1-2 days per week from home?

No problem. Hofy provides a positive return on investment for team members who work from home very occasionally, say 1-2 days per month, as well as for those fully remote.

Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers, even if they only work from home occasionally. Hofy helps you track equipment and H&S workstation assessments for all employees, so you can meet your compliance obligations, without hassle.

What if I’ve already provided some equipment to my team members - can I manage that equipment through Hofy too?

You can track any assets that your team members use - whether provided by your company, or employee-owned - on the Hofy platform, so you have a central record for all your assets. Let us know what equipment your teams use and we will help you upload this information to their profiles.

We also offer a device handling service for devices (laptops, tablet and phones) not rented from Hofy. Services include repairs, replacements and a courtesy loaner device if one of your employee's devices is in repairs.

Do you cater to team members with special requirements?

Yes. Our webstore includes highly-adjustable chairs, desks, monitor arms and specialist keyboards and mice.

Can’t find something you need? Let us know and we’ll source it.

What if someone needs an ergonomist to review their set-up or provide guidance?

No problem. We can arrange for either a virtual or in-person appointment with a DSE-qualified ergonomist, including DSE assessment follow ups.


What IT services do you offer?

We offer three core IT services to allow our customers to deploy secure devices anywhere in the world (zero-touch) and manage these devices remotely: 

  • device pre-configuration;
  • mobile device management (MDM);
  • a remote IT service desk for ongoing IT support.

We also offer a device handling service for laptops, mobile phones and tablets not rented from Hofy. Handling services include repairs/replacements, point-to-point redistribution and loaner devices during repairs.

For more on our IT services, see lifecycle management.

Are your products covered by warranty?

Yes. All leased products are covered by our premium warranty.

Hofy's premium warranty includes everything covered in a manufacturers warranty, for the lifetime of the lease.

Are the products you provide new?

All input devices, such as mice, keyboards and headsets, are new.

For other product categories, we occasionally provide pre-loved products, but only when they are in impeccable ‘like-new’ condition.

Can you assemble products before delivery?

Yes. We offer a pre-assembly service for large furniture items. You can opt for Hofy for always assemble furniture items pre-delivery in 1-click on the Hofy platform.

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