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Why does ergonomic equipment matter?

Your employees are your most expensive and valuable assets. So look after them. An investment in ergonomic furniture and IT equipment is an investment in their wellbeing and tenures.

How much does an employee really cost?

Average UK startup salary


Average cost of employee training

per employee/year
(Department for Education)

Average cost of employee absences

per employee/year
(Recruiting Times)

Average cost to replace an employee

(Breath HR)

Therefore, any business spend on benefits could save you £10,000s in the long-run.

Poor quality equipment leads to musculoskeletal injuries

In April 2020, physiotheraphy provider Ascenti surveyed 2,000 UK home workers. They found:
were working from their sofa
were working from their bed
were working from the floor
were experiencing greater physical pain
were experiencing greater back pain
were experiencing greater neck pain

Musculoskeletal injuries could cost you £1000s...

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) data from 2019 shows that musculoskeletal injuries led to:
injuries at work
sick days
in losses to UK businesses

... As could employee unhappiness

Unhealthy employees are unhappy employees, and unhappiness costs. Typically, unhappy employees:
are 12% less productive than happy employees
spend 50% less time on tasks than happy employees
have 4x shorter tenures than happy employees

So, why invest in ergonomics?

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries gave 4,000 employees ergonomic office furniture. They recorded:

75% reduction
in absenteeism
56% reduction
in error rate
40% increase
in time spent on task

Investing in equipment shows your teams you care

Satisfied employees are 60% more likely  to stay with their current company (Gartner)

Why provide equipment through Hofy?

Hofy is more efficient, compliant and cost-effective than purchasing equipment for teams or issuing an equipment stipend.

Purchase equipment
for team members
Give team members a cash allowance
Employees choose their own products
Automated spend management at an employee or job description level
Integrated asset tracking software
Integrated workstation assessments
Free onsite extended warranty
Live chat support and troubleshooting
Equipment guaranteed to meet H&S requirements
No financial
reporting duties
No tax liability for team members
1 monthly invoice for all equipment spend

Demo Hofy today

See how effortless it is to invest in your remote teams' wellbeing with Hofy.

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