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Supporting you, every step of the way.

Fully customisable onboardings. Endless support throughout the equipment lifecycle. And automatic collections for leavers.

Tweetworthy onboardings

First impressions count. So make yours brilliant. Help your remote joiners feel valued, comfortable and part of a thriving company culture, well before they start.

Laptop configurations

Stop juggling multiple vendors. Hofy will enroll devices into your MDM, pre-install the software of your choice and create user accounts before delivery.

Custom branding

Deliver fully assembled home offices in company branded packaging to build brand pride at home. Everything arrives in one go to minimise disruption.


Delight your teams from day one with customisable welcome packs. Automate swag deliveries to all new joiners with just one click.

Total lifecycle management

Hofy doesn’t just deliver equipment and disappear. We’re there for every stage of the equipment lifecycle, so your teams are always performing.

Onsite support

Stuff breaks. All the time. Don’t let your productivity suffer. Replace or repair equipment within 10-business-days with Hofy’s onsite promise.

Extended warranty

Many manufacturers only provide a warranty for one year after purchase. Hofy provides this warranty for the lifetime of the product.

Loaner laptops

Repairs can take time. Don’t let them hold your teams back. Deploy a loner laptop so no one’s productivity suffers in the interim.

Senior Remote Experience Manager at Impala

Hofy has gone above and beyond to support our remote-first hiring approach across Europe - from advising on products to asset management best practices, and even anticipating our employees’ needs.

Effortless offboardings

Leaver admin can be awkward. But it shouldn’t have to be. Offboard leavers in one click, and Hofy will handle the hard graft.

Hands-free collections

No courier admin. No awkward pick ups. No stress. Select an employee’s last day, and Hofy will automatically collect their equipment.

Convenient purchases

Don’t give back equipment you love. Pay a small fee, and it’s yours to keep. Purchasing after renting avoids the tax admin of purchasing outright.

Streamlined redeployments

Make the most of every rental. If an employee leaves mid-term, you can redistribute their equipment to another team member in the same geography.

Get end-to-end support with Hofy

From the day your new hire’s join, til the day they leave your orgnisation, we’re here to make your life easier.