Let talent flow

We started out in early 2020 to solve an urgent problem at an uncertain point in time. To support the rapid shift from IRL to WFH.

And as we watched the world change almost overnight, we saw that the future of work would be distributed. Where the borders of employment would be broken down and the barriers to access for talent would be eliminated. And where the conditions for the next era of human productivity, progress and prosperity would be created.

We recognised that for the potential of this future to truly be realised, talent not only needs to flow freely across borders, but to be empowered to thrive.

And that’s why we exist. To equip the world’s talent with the means to do their best work.

Our team
Talent transcends borders. And so does our team. We are based all over the world, empowered to work in the way that’s best for us.
Our leaders
Sami Bouremoum
Co-founder and CEO
Michael Ginzo
Co-founder and CPO
Alex Robertson
VP of Operations
Peter Simmons
VP Finance
Dimitri Whitaker
Head of Brand Design
Michel Menga
Head of IT & Security
Verity Sayers
Head of Legal
Dagmara Olichwier
Head of Order Ops & Supply Chain
Gillis van den Broeke
Head of Engineering
Our partners
We work with some of the most progressive companies on the planet. Who share our vision of a future in which opportunity flows globally, materially elevating career trajectories and quality of life for people everywhere.
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