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The Hofy Blog

Hofy’s IT Service Desk: Supporting Your Remote Teams 24/7/365

Enjoy around the clock hardware, software and general IT support with Hofy's global help desk solution.

Managing a Hybrid Workplace: Tips from Hofy, VenueScanner & Deel

Senior leadership at 3 hybrid/remote companies share their expertise on successfully leading hybrid teams.

We've raised our Series A.

We’ve raised $15.2m to date to build the world’s most advanced remote work management platform. We’re announcing this funding round in combination with our Seed round.

Hofy’s device configuration & mobile device management explained.

Protect your network, save your IT team 100s of hours, and deliver a brilliant onboarding experience with Hofy’s core IT services.

4 tips for hiring for a hybrid workplace.

CEO and Co-founder Ben Chatfield discusses the benefits of hybrid working and gives his top tips for hiring for a hybrid workforce.

Global hiring checklist: everything you need to know.

From defining your remote worker's employment status to ensuring their workplace is fully compliant, your comprehensive guide to compliant global hiring.

5 tips for managing remote employment & legal compliance.

Remote employment is a great way to scale your company globally. Maintaining legal compliance along the way is your ticket to a sustainable remote team.

Stop buying equipment for remote workers. Here’s why you should rent.

Purchasing home office equipment makes sense for long-term use. But renting has financial, health and safety and operational advantages over buying.

No Hofy equipment goes to landfill: our recovery process explained.

We want to see the world move towards a more sustainable, resource-efficient circular economy. Here’s how we ensure our equipment recovery process is waste-free, and our other contributions to a more sustainable future.

How to ensure your home workstations promote mental & physical wellbeing.

For UK mental health awareness week, we look at the steps managers can take to ensure their remote workers' set-ups promote healthy work at home.

8 tips for creating a more holistic home office space.

From balancing the elements to practicing essentialism, it's essential that we prioritise our connection with our home working spaces.

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