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Human Error: 3 Security Tips for Reducing Risk

Your workers may be your greatest cybersecurity risk. Evalian provides 3 steps to protect against human error.

Hofy Achieves SOC 2 Compliance

By working with a company which has achieved SOC 2 certification like Hofy, it makes it easier for your organisation to also become SOC 2 compliant.

Hybrid Working: 13 Policy Essentials

In-house legal solution LegalEdge highlights 13 clauses to include in any hybrid working policy.

Equipping new Hires in Mexico and Panama: key Considerations

From remote working laws to logistical challenges, key considerations for equipping new hires in Mexico and Panama.

We’ve Raised our Series B; Welcoming Mike Roth

With $30.2M in total funding and Amazon veteran Mike Roth joining our board, we can focus on building a truly global operation

The Hofy API: Shaping the Future of Global Physical Onboarding

Deliver a world-class equipment experience straight from your platform with our Global Equipment API.

Product Updates: HRIS Automation, Rental Terms by Equipment Category & More

Our latest updates allow you to fully automate the onboarding and equipping of users with our HRIS Integration, set rental terms per equipment category and more.

Equipping new Hires in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay: Key Considerations

From remote working laws to logistical challenges, key considerations for equipping new hires in LatAm.

How Hofy has Improved Learnerbly’s Equipping & Employee Onboarding Experience

Meet Marie Krebs, Learnerbly’s People Experience Design Lead, as she looks back on her first year working with Hofy.

Equipping New Hires in Brazil & Colombia: Key Considerations

From employment law clauses to logistical challenges, 5 considerations when equipping new hires in Latam.

3 Things to Include in your Remote Worker Employment Contract

Key clauses to include in any remote worker employment contract to provide additional protection.

3 Ways Hofy Boosts Remote Employee Uptime Globally

Maximising employee uptime is crucial to business success and employee engagement. Here's how Hofy helps to maximise employee uptime, wherever your teams work

Track, Manage & Support Non-Hofy Devices with Hofy

Track all your devices in the field through one system, and ensure all your team members receive the same service and support with our non-Hofy device handling service.

6 Virtual Onboarding Best Practices for Brilliant First Days

Companies with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by over 80%. Here are six practical ways to upgrade your employees’ virtual onboarding experience.

2 Years Flexible: Top Benefits From the World’s Most Flexible Companies

Flexible working has never been more in demand, which means the pressure is on to offer competitive flexible benefits. Here are some of the top benefits from the world's most flexible companies.

Working with Couriers to Deliver Culture to Remote Workers

Real life examples of how remote and hybrid companies are using Gophr to deliver perks to their remote teams across the UK.

Hofy's Statement on the Emergency in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces has been devastating for the people of Ukraine. Our thoughts continue to be with those impacted as they navigate through this crisis.

Launching Teams: Helping Companies set Better Equipment Policies

An evolution of our tags feature, our teams upgrade gives you more granular control over group policies.

Solutions to Common Remote Working Endpoint Security Challenges

Advice on device deployment, device management and employee training to tackle 5 common security challenges associated with remote working.

5 IT Considerations When Deploying Devices to Remote Workers

From pre-configuring basic security measures and software, to managing the data on outgoing employees' laptops, our top considerations and advice for provisioning devices to new remote hires.

Hofy’s IT Service Desk: Supporting Your Remote Teams 24/7/365

Enjoy around the clock hardware, software and general IT support with Hofy's global help desk solution.

Managing a Hybrid Workplace: Tips from Hofy, VenueScanner & Deel

Senior leadership at 3 hybrid/remote companies share their expertise on successfully leading hybrid teams.

We've Raised Our Series A.

We’ve raised $15.2m to date to build the world’s most advanced remote work management platform. We’re announcing this funding round in combination with our Seed round.

Hofy’s Device Configuration & Mobile Device Management Explained.

Protect your network, save your IT team 100s of hours, and deliver a brilliant onboarding experience with Hofy’s core IT services.

4 Tips for Hiring for a Hybrid Workplace.

CEO and Co-founder Ben Chatfield discusses the benefits of hybrid working and gives his top tips for hiring for a hybrid workforce.

Global Hiring Checklist: Everything You Need to Know.

From defining your remote worker's employment status to ensuring their workplace is fully compliant, your comprehensive guide to compliant global hiring.

5 Tips for Managing Remote Employment & Legal Compliance.

Remote employment is a great way to scale your company globally. Maintaining legal compliance along the way is your ticket to a sustainable remote team.

Stop Buying Equipment for Remote Workers. Here’s Why You Should Rent.

Purchasing home office equipment makes sense for long-term use. But renting has financial, health and safety and operational advantages over buying.

No Hofy Equipment Goes to Landfill: Our Recovery Process Explained.

We want to see the world move towards a more sustainable, resource-efficient circular economy. Here’s how we ensure our equipment recovery process is waste-free, and our other contributions to a more sustainable future.

How to Ensure Your Home Workstations Promote Mental & Physical Wellbeing.

For UK mental health awareness week, we look at the steps managers can take to ensure their remote workers' set-ups promote healthy work at home.

8 Tips for Creating a More Holistic Home Office Space.

From balancing the elements to practicing essentialism, it's essential that we prioritise our connection with our home working spaces.

Everything UK Employers Need to Know about DSE Assessments.

What a DSE assessment covers, your legal requirements surrounding DSE, and how Hofy's DSE is optimised for both home and office environments.

Your Home Offices Reflect Your Brand More Than You Think.

Brands that want to maximise engagement at home must connect every aspect of peoples’ home working spaces to their company ethos.

How to set up Your Organisation on the Hofy Platform.

Get started in 6 simple steps. We walk you through adding team members, tags and budgets; pre-approving and ordering products; and approving order requests.

WFH Stipends are not Enough. Ergonomic Education is key.

Equipment allowances can become costly expenses when people aren’t buying for the long-term. Avoid overspending on home office equipment by putting the right measures in place.

What is Task Lighting, and why is Task Lighting Important in Home Offices?

The importance of task lighting for healthy and productive work at home, what to look for in a task light, and the best task lights for home office spaces.

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