The Hofy API: Shaping the Future of Global Physical Onboarding

Today, we’re launching one of our most important products to date - our Global Equipment API. Hofy will be able to natively integrate into the stack of HR and IT tools to transform the way employers onboard and manage the employee lifecycle worldwide.

Physical onboarding on a global scale

Work continues to go global. As such, People and IT teams need tools which are globally native now. 

Many problems can be solved by software alone, and software is global by default. But Hofy has solved a very physical problem on a global scale - and now we’re making it accessible via any other HR or IT platform.

Hofy’s Global Equipment API empowers businesses to deliver laptops and other work equipment to new hires in 110 countries - just as easily as adding them to Slack - and support that equipment throughout the employee lifetime. 

By enabling other HR and IT platforms to extend their services into the physical world, companies can access a seamless equipment ordering and end-to-end management experience without having to leave the platforms they know and love.

For industry partners

With the Hofy API, you can:

1. Offer the Hofy equipment ordering and management experience from within your portal

2. Create accounts, users, equipment orders

3. Manage tracking, collections, billing and support routing

By offering a global employee equipment experience, platforms can enable their customers to attract and retain global talent while securing their devices.

Our first partner

We’re incredibly excited for global hiring and payroll platform Deel to be the first partner integrating with us. 

Deel customers will now be able to order laptops and other equipment for new joiners, in just a couple of clicks, while creating employment contracts on Deel - massively reducing the hours spent on onboarding with a streamlined, few-click flow.

For more information on onboarding globally with Deel and Hofy, head to the Deel blog.

Looking ahead

We're thrilled to announce this first partnership today, and a further 10 partnerships in the near future. Watch this space!

Partner with Hofy today

Interested in adding global equipment rental to your product, or becoming a commercial partner? Our dedicated Partner enablement team is available to support any integration and ensure partner success.