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Bulk-Purchasing Laptops? How Depreciation Might be Costing You More Than You Think

There comes a time when the cost of depreciation outweighs the savings you made by buying in bulk - and it may be much sooner in a device’s lifecycle than you think.

Global Remote Organizations Need 24Hour IT Hardware Support: Here’s Why

If your support works limited hours, and a team member does not have access to hardware support when they need it, your business can suffer.

4 Actionable Ways to Streamline Remote Workforce Onboarding Logistics on a Global Scale

Deel explains how to simplify your company's onboarding logistics in a remote, globally dispersed environment with the help of a global HR platform, specialized equipment management software, and HRIS automation.

4 Reasons Why a Late Laptop Will Ruin Your Remote Onboarding

Productivity, employee experience, and more. Here's how a late laptop can negatively impact your remote onboarding.

Offboarding Devices in Hard-to-Reach Regions: The Challenges Explained

From hidden costs to the impact on employee experience, the key challenges of device offboarding explained.

Hybrid Working: 13 Policy Essentials

In-house legal solution LegalEdge highlights 13 clauses to include in any hybrid working policy.

3 Things to Include in your Remote Worker Employment Contract

Key clauses to include in any remote worker employment contract to provide additional protection.

Managing a Hybrid Workplace: Tips from Hofy, VenueScanner & Deel

Senior leadership at 3 hybrid/remote companies share their expertise on successfully leading hybrid teams.

4 Tips for Hiring for a Hybrid Workplace.

CEO and Co-founder Ben Chatfield discusses the benefits of hybrid working and gives his top tips for hiring for a hybrid workforce.

Global Hiring Checklist: Everything You Need to Know.

From defining your remote worker's employment status to ensuring their workplace is fully compliant, your comprehensive guide to compliant global hiring.

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