Hofy's statement on the emergency in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces has been devastating for the people of Ukraine. Our thoughts continue to be with those impacted as they navigate through this crisis.

Our first priority has been the well-being of our employees and their families in Ukraine. Our teams are working around the clock to help secure their safety, using all the resources at our disposal.

We have temporarily paused all on-the-ground operations in Ukraine (deliveries, collections, repairs) and will resume services there as soon as operationally possible.

We have also paused new orders in Russia - we are actively monitoring sanction orders as they evolve in the days ahead to adhere to our compliance obligations.

Given the unfolding emergency, we are working with our partners to direct funding to where it can provide the greatest impact to the relief effort.

We remain committed to our mission of ensuring your remote team members around the world can continue to access a healthy and productive remote working environment.

Charities supporting Ukraine

If you wish to make a donation to support the relief effort, please follow the link below for a list of charities focussed on helping the people of Ukraine.