How Hofy has Improved Learnerbly’s Equipping & Employee Onboarding Experience

We’ve been working with Workplace Learning Platform Learnerbly for almost a year. To date, they’ve leased 37 laptops from us, and we’ve delivered equipment to their remote teams across 5 countries.

Jordan, our Sales Team Lead, caught up with Marie Krebs, Learnerbly’s People Experience Design Lead, to understand more about what Learnerbly was doing before Hofy and how we’ve drastically improved their user and employee first day experience.

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Firstly, how were Learnerbly managing equipment before Hofy?

We were working with a major IT provider. But the only reason we stayed with them for so long is that there was simply no other alternative. 

We experienced a fair share of logistical hiccups: people receiving the wrong laptop, or not by their start date etc, which can be detrimental to the first day experience. They also weren’t as global as we would have liked (so it wasn’t a very scalable process), had no UX, and very limited customer support.

So as soon as Hofy emerged on the scene, we looked into it, and have never been disappointed.

Well, good thing Hofy came around! How was your onboarding with Hofy?

So smooth. You, Jordan, were super available and kicked off every major lifecycle milestone of the relationship with an in-person guided meeting that was always super short and to the point. 

You then followed up with email updates, and pointed us to Customer Support, who have been super responsive and super helpful this whole time. 

That's something I hear quite a lot, I’ll definitely pass it on to them! So, what are the key differences and improvements now that you’re with Hofy?  

The UX is so good because it's all automated and integrated.

Your new joiner just gets an email that invites them onto a beautiful platform, which gives them the option to select from a pool of items which you have preselected. So, for example, if it's an engineer, they will only have access to X, Y, and Z, with extra RAM. If it's someone who needs different types of tools, they also get distinctive resources which they can pick.

It's also a really seamless process for the new joiner. They get access to the platform in alignment with their start date; about a week before so they can get set up smoothly.

There have been times where new joiners have wanted to access stuff in advance. We’ve sent a message to Customer Support and boom! It happens.  

And has Hofy improved your lives as a People team?

Definitely. Hofy has gone way beyond our expectations, both in terms of improving the experience, and mitigating the errors we experienced before.

To be fully transparent, Hofy is more expensive than our previous provider, and that's something that we've been happy to invest in knowing how transformative it would be for everyone involved. 

Would you recommend Hofy to a company that’s thinking of working with us?

I could not name you a single competitor that offers the same level of the service that Hofy offers us. As I’ve already mentioned, we've invested more money than with our previous service, and we have no regrets.

I'm happy. Everyone's happy. The users are super happy. If that's not what you're looking for, then do it manually. But I cannot not think of a single reason, if you need this kind of service, not to go with Hofy. 

Enjoy a world-class experience with Hofy

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