How to set up your organisation on the Hofy platform.

At Hofy, we want to create a world where there are no geographical boundaries to brilliant work.

That starts with making sure everyone - irrespective of location - can access the tools they need to do their best work. So we've built a remote work management platform to make providing and managing tools for remote workers as simple as possible.

Below, we walk you through how simple and easy it is to get set up on the Hofy platform, so you can start equipping your global teams in minutes.

What this guide will cover

  • Adding team members 
  • Adding tags
  • Adding budgets 
  • Approving products
  • Creating orders
  • Approving requests

Step 1 - Adding your team members

You can either add your team members individually, or in bulk.

Adding team members individually

To add team members individually, go to the Team page - Add team member. Input your team member’s name and email address, and we’ll send them a signup link.

You can also input a team member’s start date, country and team when you add them to the platform or add this information later.

Bulk adding team members

To add team members in bulk, send us a CSV file and we’ll upload the information to your account.

Step 2 - Adding your tags

Use our tags feature to group your team members. You can group by team (e.g. HR, marketing), working style (e.g. hybrid, fully remote), or however else you like.

Once you’ve created your tags, you can set budgets and approve products for specific tags.

To create a tag, go to Settings - Edit tags - Create tag. Give your tag a name; choose a colour. And you're done.

Step 3 - Adding your budgets

There are two ways to set team budgets on the Hofy platform. You can set per person budgets, and/or you can set budgets for specific equipment categories (e.g. monitors, chairs).

To access the budgets page, go to Settings - Edit tags budgets.

Adding a team member budget

To set a team member budget, simply edit the Budget per team member total at the top of the page. The cash amount will be reflected in tokens (£1 = 1 token) on the employee platform. NB. Laptops are excluded from the team member budget.

Adding equipment budgets

If you want to limit employee spend on certain items, you can also set budgets for specific equipment categories.

Input a budget value, and we will automatically approve all products within that budget. For example, setting a £30 Chair budget will automatically approve 14 chairs for that team. 

Step 4 - Approving products for your team members

If your organisation has preferred products to work with, you can approve specific products for teams in your Webstore. To approve a product, simply select Add to approved list in the product listing, and choose the relevant tag(s) from the drop-down menu.

Approved tags will then show in your Webstore.

Step 5 - Creating orders for team members

To create orders for team members, go to your Team view and select a team member to view their profile. You’ll see all the products they currently hold, as well as their budget status, within their profile. Click Create order to go to the Webstore.

Alternatively, you can create an order from within your Webstore. Click Order products at the top of the page, select the relevant team member, and you'll be directed bak to the Webstore.

When adding products to basket, you’ll have the option to change the colour/size and rental term of the products.

If you have a new joiner starting soon and need to get equipment to them fast, you can use our Quickship filter to identify items with short delivery times by region.

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll be able to review the status of all orders in the Orders tab.

Step 6 - Approving requests for team members

Alternatively, team members can request products themselves. You’ll receive an email alert whenever a team member requests a new product.

You can review all active order requests and view your request history in the Requests tab.

Approve or decline order requests in one click.

If there is a product category clash, e.g. a team member requests a second chair or monitor, we will flag the clash.

See Hofy in action

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