Product Updates

Launching Certified Data Erasure For Secure & Compliant Device Offboardings

Guarantee that the data on your devices is permanently and irreversibly destroyed to NIST 800-88 Purge standard. A certificate of completion will be automatically generated and uploaded to the Hofy platform.

The Hofy Asset Tracker: Support All Your Devices, Anywhere in the World

You can now track, move, store, and clear every and any device you own - not just those procured through Hofy!

New Countries: Store & Reuse Hofy Devices Across Brazil, India & More

Collect, store and reuse your Hofy devices across seven more countries from today, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and India.

Store & Reuse Hofy Devices Across 53 Countries From Today

Maximize the life of your Hofy devices, and save $10,000s-100,000s by reusing existing devices.

Product Updates: Asset Offboarding, Contract Tab, & More

The latest product updates from Hofy: Asset offboarding, contract management & more.

Product Updates: HRIS Automation, Rental Terms by Equipment Category & More

Our latest updates allow you to fully automate the onboarding and equipping of users with our HRIS Integration, set rental terms per equipment category and more.

Launching Teams: Helping Companies set Better Equipment Policies

An evolution of our tags feature, our teams upgrade gives you more granular control over group policies.

How to set up Your Organisation on the Hofy Platform.

Get started in 6 simple steps. We walk you through adding team members, tags and budgets; pre-approving and ordering products; and approving order requests.

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