Launching teams: helping companies set better equipment policies

At Hofy, we are passionate about enabling distributed companies to equip their new hires as efficiently as possible, while delivering a world-class employee experience.

To help our customers better mimic their current policies, we have launched ‘teams’. An evolution of our tags system, teams gives organisations more granular control when setting equipment policies for groups.

Here’s an overview of the changes we’ve made:

Team members can only belong to one team

Unlike before, when you could assign team members to multiple tags (e.g. ‘marketing’, ‘full-time remote’ and ‘Europe’), you can now only assign team members to one team.

This is to avoid any cross-policy clashes (eg. a team member belonging to multiple tags with different budgets).

As with tags, you can be as specific as you like when creating teams (e.g. ‘European remote marketers’ team).

NB. Your existing tags will automatically change to teams. If a team member belongs to multiple tags, the tags will merge into one team.

Team settings

Every team has its own settings - where you can manage the team’s catalogue, budget, auto-approval status, and order notes - for more granular policy control.

Teams in the menu bar 

Each team will appear in the left-hand navigation. This should make the Hofy platform even easier to navigate, especially if your organisation has multiple admin accounts.

Request notifications 

When team members make equipment requests, they will now show at team level. It will therefore be much easier to split workflows between team leads.

Our teams update lays the groundwork for many other features, designed to improve your control over your organisation.

Expect more exciting announcements in the coming weeks!

See our teams feature in action

Demo the Hofy platform today to see how quickly and efficiently you could building scalable equipment policies for your globally distributed teams with Hofy's new teams feature.