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Eradicate H&S risks.
Before they become issues.

Automate risk identification, so no one falls through the cracks.
Fill equipment gaps and organise ergonomist consultations, in a few clicks.

Hofy gives you complete visibility of your team members’ set-ups and wellbeing - whether they work at home, in the office, or both.

How Hofy’s DSE platform works

Meet your H&S responsibilities in six simple steps


Define company equipment policies and order equipment for team members


Invite one, or thousands, of your team members to join your organisation on the Hofy platform


Review team members’ assessment results and identify risks, in one place


Team members take Hofy’s DSE self-assessment


Review team members’ assessment results and identify risks, in one place


Organise follow-up consultations for team members that want or need them


Fill additional equipment gaps, so risks don’t turn into issues

DSE self-assessments

Make sure your teams are safe to work

The Hofy platform features a DSE self-assessment that team members can take at home and in the office.

Unlike other DSE self-assessments, Hofy’s smart assessment continuously adapts to your team members’ answers to provide tailored adjustment advice based on the equipment each individual team member has available.

A self-assessment takes under 10 minutes to complete and can be taken as many times as needed.

H&S administrator dashboard

View, review and act upon team members’ assessments

Understand overall company health

Monitor the state of your organisation at every stage of the process with average pre- and post-DSE wellness scores

Track team progress

See who has and hasn’t completed assessments in your company overview. Send reminders to those yet to assess, so no one slips through the cracks

View detailed individual results

Pinpoint the specific aspects of your team members’ workstations that put them at risk

Fill equipment gaps, in a few clicks

Mitigate any H&S risks by ordering the equipment individuals need from an integrated webstore

Arrange follow-up appointments

Organise one-to-one consultations for team members that request them or for individuals flagged as at risk

Follow-up ergonomist consultations

Make sure no one falls through the cracks

Hofy’s DSE self-assessment will automatically flag the need for a one-to-one ergonomist consultation if a user’s workstation poses a serious risk.

You can approve team members’ requests for follow-up consultations or organise sessions for individuals that need them, in a few clicks. Choose how you would like to arrange a follow-up: we can notify your in-house assessor or help you arrange a session with an experienced ergonomist.

You can attach ergonomist reports to team members’ records so you have the full assessment history for every team member, in one place.

Demo Hofy free today

Demo Hofy’s DSE assessment and administrator dashboard today to see how quick and easy it is to identify the gaps in your teams’ setups - wherever they work.

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