End-to-end device management

Set up, ship, manage and recover employee devices globally.
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Deploy devices to anyone, anywhere

Manage the full lifecycle of your devices, from procurement to recovery.
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Set up
Configure devices with custom apps and settings.
Deliver to 120+ countries ahead of start dates.
Remotely monitor, secure and update all device types.
Securely wipe data.
Hofy retrieves the hardware.
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Store and reuse your devices across regions.
Global services

Device deployment

Deliver devices to 120+ countries, in time for productive first days.
  • Pair with pre-configuration for zero touch deployment
  • >99% of orders arrive in <10 working days
  • All deliveries covered by loss and damage protection
  • 32GB & 64GB RAM devices delivered in <10 working days
They are more like an extended IT wing of Tamara across the globe. They deliver IT devices a couple of days before the employee's joining date, which is perfect.
Renjith Radhakrishnan
IT Business Solutions Manager
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Device recovery

Securely retrieve devices from outgoing employees worldwide.
  • Streamline global collections with one vendor
  • Stay tax and InfoSec compliant
  • Reduce collections admin to a few clicks
  • Leave all logistics to Hofy

Device storage & reuse

Easily collect, store, and reuse your teams’ devices across regions.
  • Save $10,000s-$100,000s by reusing existing devices
  • No limit on storage duration
  • Redelivery available intra- and inter-region
  • Devices appraised, cleaned, digitally wiped, and repackaged before redelivery
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