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Lifecycle management,
made easy

Hofy doesn’t just deliver equipment and disappear. We’re there for every stage of the equipment lifecycle, so your productivity never suffers.

Your teams, always performing

Let nothing stand in the way of your productivity. Enjoy total visibility of assets, repairs, replacements and more, for your global workforce.

All your assets, in one place

Know who’s got what, wherever it came from. Track Hofy assets, company assets, and even your employees' own assets, on every employee's profile.

Lifetime support, as standard

Many manufacturers only provide a warranty for one year after purchase. Hofy provides this warranty for the lifetime of the product.

Loaner devices, on demand

Repairs take time. Don't let them hold your teams back. Deploy courtesy loaner laptops and mobile devices so no one's productivity suffers in the interim.

General Manager at Trailfinders

It takes us 30 seconds to process everyone’s requests in one go with Hofy!

Enhanced security, enhanced productivity

Save your IT team 1000s of hours, while securing your global workforce, with Hofy's unified endpoint management solution.

Zero-touch, zero-stress

Ensure new hires can hit the ground running. Hofy will create user accounts, update operating systems and pre-install the software of your choice onto devices pre-deployment.

Maximise productivity, minimise risk

Apply security policies, remotely lock/wipe devices, deploy configurations over the air, and more with Hofy's cloud-based, mobile device management (MDM) solution.

Technical issues, taken care of

Expert IT assistance, 24 hours a day via Hofy's Remote IT Service Desk. Response and completion times guaranteed by Service Level Agreements (SLA's).

Less admin, less cost, less tax

Minimise financial reporting. With Hofy, all your data is in one place for your finance team to run with.
Finish reporting on time, every time.

Minimise financial reporting

Avoid the financial reporting and tax implications of purchasing equipment or gifting it to employees. Rent, and automatically recover leavers' equipment.

Stop chasing receipts

Save your finance team thousands of hours on expense report processing related to equipment purchases, repairs and refunds. Get one clear statement each month.

Save employees money

Let employees pay for business expenses from their pre-tax income. Export data on employee spend on Hofy into your payroll suite. Save your teams up to 47%.

Hofy vs offering a cash stipend

Providing a cash allowance or reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses for work equipment is costly and cumbersome. Hofy makes it faster, easier and cheaper.

Why manage your equipment provisioning with Hofy?

Cash stipend or expense
refund policy
Employees choose their own products
Automated spend reporting
Ability to manage spend per category
Asset tracking
Pre-approve products and approve orders in real time
Integrated DSE assessments
Integrated salary sacrifice model
Equipment guaranteed to be compliant with HSE and domestic fire safety regs
Employees do not have to be out-of-pocket for the company
Top-tier employee experience

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