Give your people the experience they deserve

Offer a world-class experience that will meet your teams exactly where they are. From day one.
Why Hofy?

Deliver a consistent

Provide team members with the same equipment, onboarding experience and support, wherever they are.

Onboard new hires

Sync Hofy with your HR system for a seamless onboarding flow. Then equip new hires globally in 1 click.

Offboard company
leavers seamlessly

Manage global equipment collections in one place. Let Hofy handle all the logistics.

Equip new hires worldwide. In a few clicks

Just define your rules. And let Hofy do the rest.
Add new hires to Hofy in seconds. Or automatically, from your HRIS.
Let new hires choose their equipment. Or send it to them in a few clicks.
Track your order’s journey, right to your new hire’s doorstep.
Devices arrive in time for brilliant first days. Wherever you hire.
We had an issue where we onboarded somebody who needed a laptop to start the next day. Hofy made that possible.
Cath Hammond
People Operations Manager
Global support

Set your teams up for success, with always-on support

Ensure every team member can do their best work, with 24/7, global hardware support.

24/7 support team

to support team members globally

Global repairs

fully managed by Hofy

Extended warranty

on devices globally

Loaner devices

dispatched within 24 hours

Why 24/7 support matters


Easily offboard outgoing employees

Collect, keep, or transfer equipment to another team member.
Let Hofy handle the heavy lifting.