3 Ways Hofy Boosts Remote Employee Uptime Globally

Time is money. Workers in Britain lose an average of 46 minutes a day to slow technology, which equates to 24 days of work time a year, or £2,752 in productivity loss (based on the average UK salary).

And that’s just the financial repercussions of slow tech. A fifth of UK workers claim that slow technology makes them lose focus, and just short of half say that it hinders their productivity. 

Maximising employee uptime (the time your employees spend “online”) is therefore crucial to business success and employee engagement. But when your teams work away from the office, there’s far more to consider than just tech performance.

The movement of equipment - e.g. getting equipment to employees’ homes, or to a repairs site if something goes wrong - can have a profound impact on employee productivity. If your new joiner doesn’t get their laptop in time for day one, or an employee is out of work for days while they wait on repairs - you’re losing significant uptime.

At Hofy, we’ve designed our service to maximise employee uptime, irrespective of where your teams work. Here’s how:

1. We deliver on time

You’ve just made your first hire in Brazil. They can start immediately. Dream scenario from a productivity perspective. But attempting to equip a remote hire in unfamiliar territory means navigating confusing and costly customs requirements, or blindly searching for a way to get the same tech to your new hire that your current employees have elsewhere.

With Hofy, you don’t need to worry about any of this. We get laptops to your new hires in time for their start dates, wherever you hire. Our global, on-time delivery rate is 99%.

2. We fix equipment issues fast

A laptop stops turning on. A chair arrives faulty. A headset stops connecting. These things happen. All the time. But if you don’t sort them - fast - your teams’ productivity and/or health could suffer.

When you rent equipment from Hofy:

  • Your equipment is covered by our premium warranty - which includes everything covered in the manufacturer’s warranty for the lifetime of the lease.

  • If an employee’s device needs repairing, we offer a courtesy loaner device throughout the repairs period so they can continue to work as normal.

  • Your subscription includes total lifecycle support services - global delivery, in-transit loss and damage protection, hardware support, courtesy loaner devices, and global equipment recovery - to cover any equipment needs throughout their tenure.

  • We sort repairs/replacements, fast - Team members can report equipment issues via the Hofy platform in a few clicks. Our global support team can support your teams across time zones and will conduct a remote assessment to determine whether a repair or replacement is needed, and action the recommended course ASAP to minimise the impact on your productivity. 

3. We allow you to offer key productivity tools globally 

A laptop is the absolute minimum your teams need to get the job done. To perform at their best, they will need other peripherals and accessories - such as a second screen, keyboard, and mouse  - designed to improve focus and comfort.

That means every time you hire in a new region, you need to figure out what equipment you can get there, how long it’s going to take to get there etc. You may end up unintentionally tiering your employee experience - with workers in less logistically challenging regions receiving better equipment than others. 

We allow you to offer the peripherals and accessories your teams need to work productively - from laptop stands and monitors to headsets and keyboards - worldwide, enabling you to boost employee uptime while offering a consistent employee experience. 

Boost employee uptime globally with Hofy

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