Hofy’s device configuration & mobile device management explained.

Whether you’ve just switched to remote working, are planning a switch, or have always worked remotely, getting your IT infrastructure right is a big part of the puzzle of ensuring a seamless experience for your employees when they onboard, or move to working remotely.

There are key things to consider. For first days alone, how do you ensure your new hires are using laptops set up correctly and securely, when you are not in the office to oversee? 

Sending an employee a list of things to download on day one feels clunky - but often, there is no avoiding this. So you end up with a third of the team on Internet Explorer, a third on Safari and a third on Chrome.

Then there is security. How do you ensure the device is encrypted to an acceptable standard? How do you ensure you can wipe or lock the laptop remotely so that, if the laptop is lost or stolen, no one can access the data on it?

At Hofy, we’ve designed our IT services with two things in mind:

  1. Making life stress-free for your IT department;
  2. Making life stress free for your new hire.

We offer a device pre-configuration service to give your IT team peace of mind - knowing any devices you provide are set up correctly and securely - and to spare your new hire a tedious first day setting things up. We also offer a mobile device management (MDM) service to ensure that peace of mind never leaves your IT team.

Here is everything you need to know about Hofy’s core IT service offerings.

Device pre-configuration

First things first, what is device pre-configuration? 

Device pre-configuration involves setting up devices before dispatching them so that your team members receive them ready-to-use.

What does Hofy’s device pre-configuration service include?

Hofy’s device pre-configuration service includes:

  • Creation of user accounts;
  • Pre-installation of the software of your choice;
  • OS updates completed;
  • Device customisation;
  • Enrolment onto an MDM platform;
  • Testing pre-delivery.

What are the benefits of using Hofy’s device pre-configuration service?

1. Significant time saving 

Pre-configuring one device is not too time-consuming for your IT team, but what about when you are scaling? Outsource this responsibility to let your IT teams get on with the more important things.

2. Better onboarding experience

It could take your new hire hours to set up their device, and you’ve no certainty they will be able to find the right software or download from the right source.

This is less of an issue when your new hire is in an office, and can conduct meetings/tour your office space in that time. But your remote hire will just be sat at home, twiddling their thumbs.

A new hire’s first day/week is precious impression time. Let them get on with the more important things (like meeting their colleagues).

3. Reduced need for internal IT assistance

Your new hire is far less likely to have issues with their laptop during the first day/week if it has been professionally pre-configured.

Mobile device management

What is mobile device management?

Mobile devices are portable devices (e.g. smartphones, tablet computers, laptops).

Mobile device management (MDM) is management software that enables IT teams to monitor, manage and enforce security policies on mobile devices that access sensitive business data.

Why use mobile device management?

The purpose of MDM is two-fold:

  • To improve productivity - by making sure the devices your teams use are functioning optimally;
  • To enhance your company’s data security - by protecting the network from unauthorised data access, data leakage and other security threats.

MDM is therefore essential if you want to leverage portability to facilitate remote working, without compromising security.

What does Hofy’s mobile device management solution include?

Hofy’s device management service ensures the following:

  • Each device has an appropriate level of security configured, including: Encrypted Disk Drives; minimum device password policy; regular OS updates; device firewalls enabled;
  • One or more user/administrator accounts are created;
  • Any other configurations you request are implemented;
  • A standard set of applications is installed on each device (e.g. Chrome Browser, Slack, Zoom);
  • Devices can be remotely locked or wiped if they are lost or stolen;
  • Devices can be fully erased and re-provisioned to new team members;
  • Future changes to device configurations can be deployed over-the-air.

What devices can Hofy’s MDM service manage?

  • Windows 10/11 (Version 1809 or above recommended)
  • Mac OS devices (10.15, Catalina or above recommended)
  • iPhones & iPads (iOS/iPadOS 13 or above recommended)
  • Most modern Android devices. (Android 9 or above recommended) 

What are the benefits of Hofy’s MDM service?

  • Saves your IT team 100s of hours - Hofy manages and maintains the platform on your behalf so your IT team do not need to be involved.
  • Fully scalable service - You can easily enrol new devices as your business grows.
  • A complete cloud-based solution. 
  • Enhanced device security and control - Access the best benefits of remote working without compromising your company’s data security. Win win.
  • Remote application and configuration deployment - This way, Hofy’s MDM service suits all styles of working - fully remote, hybrid or in-office.
  • Suitable for non-Hofy devices - Enrol devices you have already provided (i.e. not supplied by Hofy) in addition to Hofy devices.

How do we set up MDM with Hofy?

Enrolling your organisation into Hofy’s MDM service is a five step process.

1. Initial requirements meeting

We will host an initial meeting with you to discuss your specific requirements.

2. Detailed configuration created

We will then create a detailed configuration proposal, based on our experience of device configuration and device management in conjunction with your specific requirements.

3. Service build and testing

Once your organisation is happy with the proposal, we will implement that proposal and enrol a test device into the device management service for each type of device you wish to manage (Mac, Windows etc.)

4. Follow up and sign-off

We will address a further round of minor changes and update the configuration document. You will need to provide a final sign-off that the service meets your requirements.

5. Routine maintenance and support

We will carry out routine maintenance and support. We will implement standard changes in line with our service agreement. We will implement any major changes on a case-by-case basis.

Enhance security, productivity and experience effortlessly with Hofy

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