IT & Endpoint Security

Not Upgraded Your Employees’ Devices in Years? Here’s Why You Should

From IT security and productivity to optimizing spend and staying ahead of competition, the benefits of upgrading employee devices explained.

Human Error: 3 Security Tips for Reducing Risk

Your workers may be your greatest cybersecurity risk. Evalian provides 3 steps to protect against human error.

Solutions to Common Remote Working Endpoint Security Challenges

Advice on device deployment, device management and employee training to tackle 5 common security challenges associated with remote working.

5 IT Considerations When Deploying Devices to Remote Workers

From pre-configuring basic security measures and software, to managing the data on outgoing employees' laptops, our top considerations and advice for provisioning devices to new remote hires.

Hofy’s Device Configuration & Mobile Device Management Explained.

Protect your network, save your IT team 100s of hours, and deliver a brilliant onboarding experience with Hofy’s core IT services.

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