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The Hofy Blog

Hofy’s IT Service Desk: Supporting Your Remote Teams 24/7/365

Enjoy around the clock hardware, software and general IT support with Hofy's global help desk solution.

How to set up your organisation on the Hofy platform.

Get started in 6 simple steps. We walk you through adding team members, tags and budgets; pre-approving and ordering products; and approving order requests.

Everything UK employers need to know about DSE assessments.

What a DSE assessment covers, your legal requirements surrounding DSE, and how Hofy's DSE is optimised for both home and office environments.

Your home offices reflect your brand more than you think.

Brands that want to maximise engagement at home must connect every aspect of peoples’ home working spaces to their company ethos.

WFH stipends are not enough. Ergonomic education is key.

Equipment allowances can become costly expenses when people aren’t buying for the long-term. Avoid overspending on home office equipment by putting the right measures in place.

What is task lighting, and why is task lighting important in home offices?

The importance of task lighting for healthy and productive work at home, what to look for in a task light, and the best task lights for home office spaces.

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